Warm in November

I suppose we can’t ask for a October-November to be any warmer than it has been.  I highly doubt that it is any close to a record warm this time of year, but it’s still uncannily warm and doesn’t look like that’s going to break any time within the foreseeable future.  It makes me feel unaccomplished and lazy knowing that I haven’t finished any of my major projects on the house and have been given so much extra time by mother nature, but what can I do besides forget the past and make resolutions going forward.  There is a lot of drive inside of me all the time, but unfortunately that drive usually isn’t awaken until 11 p.m. and my brain continues to stir and think of amazing solutions to problems, new ways to approach things, awesome DIY projects, advancement in my technical knowledge and thinking, and just general BS that would be lumped into a bunch of hobby type of tasks.  I then have to force myself to enter head to bed and do some sort of breathing meditation to fall asleep.  That breathing meditation won’t work unless I allow myself a few hours to “air my head out” so to speak to calm down and be able to rest.  I have considered briefly asking my doctor for a sleep-aid prescription but only end up scaring myself into thinking I will form a dependency, who knows though.  My love for music has recently come back to the forefront of my habits and enjoyment, but I feel saddened because I can only listen to one thing at a time and I feel like my admiration for stand-up comedy and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History will be replaced soon by that love for music.  It was easy to stop listening to music as much as I used to due to having a son to raise and busy work schedule, but I look back and see that as more of an excuse now more than any actual reasons, but I digress…

Projects I WILL get done this week:

Pick up the yard, take care of organic waste and garbage outside house.

Clean up staples in the window frames and put of plastic sheeting in preparation of winter.

Clean and organize my shed.

Attempt to fix a few minor and one major problems with my truck.  The intake manifold gasket needs to be replaced and that is a somewhat tedious job.

Do something nice for Lexi.

All For Now.