Doing a lot of work to this little house of mine.

I have been doing a lot of work to my house over the past 10 years, but now it’s getting serious.  Projects I want completed by this fall include:

Newer Furnace and A/C installed.  (I purchased an Upflow when I needed a Downflow, so I had to run ducting in the attic space, nothing too difficult but very time consuming and warm)

New Roofing. (The October blizzard [2013] took a toll on my roof.  I need to replace the shingles, soffit, and facia.  Luckily this gave way to removing the old cinder chimney and patching a large hole).

Baseboard and new window/door molding.

Patchwork on the stucco outside the house.

Finish new hallway closet (new furnace quarters).

Overall tidy up this 60+ year old house.


Hopefully with these improvements I can fetch $80K which is well below the value of this solid house of mine.